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Welcome to the DLG

Disco Love Gods, home of the greatest 70s disco dancing superstars .... Ever! (Part 1)

Goin' Black To My Roots

This year we will be gettin' our thumbs outta our asses and bring you some crazy new year shit for y'all to have laff at.

We will also be putting our thumbs in our ass and jerking off over some ripe tiddies and then sticking our thumbs up some bitches asshole.

As you can see we are back in the mood to talk some crazy ass shit so hold on to ya cock!

As always we would like to give a big foolish thumbs up to our sponsor for allowing us to have this opportunity to express ourselves online and uncensored:

"The Bond Breakfast" (007% fat) - Sponsors of Disco Love

There's lots to do here so getcha ass movin' and we hope to c ya soon!!!

Leroy, Doogie & Max

DLG Jobs


Dog Startlers

Wanted: Dog Startlers to Startle Dogs. Are you good at scaring the shit outta dogs? Then this is the job for you. Have fun and get paid for it.

Michael Jackson Bread

Stone Shuffler Available to shuffle stones in the comfort of your own home. No call out fee. Can supply stones at no extra cost. Also qualified in Twig Twisting.

More job news soon.

This section includes all the fools from the week - that's Fool (Thumbs Up) and Fool (Thumbs Down)

We will be searchin' for the craziest fool/s of the week. Man, are we gonna have some fun!

Know a fool? Let us know about them.

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Fun & Games

Learn some of the DLG street talk and start be cool fool!

Words to win fights and get the ladies moist. Can you say this weeks word like a DLG?

Full instructions are given!

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Find out which super cool fool is this weeks DLG choice of 70s disco icon.

James Brown - The Good and the BadPhotos and biography are included in this section. We cannot garentee that what is writen is actually the truth but who gives a fuck, we gonna be havin' a good time here.

Have a favorite icon? Let us know and they could be featured!

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